Bed Bugs Test Broward

Beg bug infestation is not just discomforting to have, but also extremely embarrassing. If you are in Broward and you are faced with such a menace, help is just a phone call away. At Florida Inspections Unlimited, we help both businesses and residents detect and get rid of bed bugs so that you can enjoy your sleeps without worrying about the bites from the bugs.

Well trained experts with the necessary skills and testing equipment

Our position as a leading bed bug test Broward service provider comes from the fact that we have a well-trained team of experts with all the experience needed to effectively test for bed bug infestation.

We are assisted by the latest detection technologies in the industry, in addition to having bed bug dogs that can detect infestations in a matter of minutes. With our solutions, we will root out the bugs from the most hidden places where you wouldn’t normally think would make a home for the parasites.

A variety of bed bug treatment options

We don’t just test for the presence of the bugs and leave you struggle with the extermination. We have robust treatment options guaranteed to kill the bugs in all stages of growth and also destroy their eggs to avoid future infestations. The treatment option chosen will depend on your unique circumstances, including the nature and the extent of the infestation. Our experts will are on standby to provide professional advice and guide on the most appropriate method to use.

Our treatment options mainly involve-:

Bed bug heat treatment in Broward

This is the quickest and the deadliest bed bug treatment we have in Broward. With this approach, we use special equipment to heat the infested areas with temperatures of up to 1500C and this will be sufficient to kill the bugs and their eggs in a minutes. This method also involves pesticide treatment to provide long lasting protection to deter future infestation.

Bed bug pesticide treatment in Broward

With this option, pesticide is used instead of heat. It involves the application of specific pesticides in the infested areas. With this approach, getting the rid of the bugs will take time, sometimes up to 30 days or longer. Nonetheless, it still is an effective way to get rid of infestations.

Benefits of using our bed bug test Broward services

Many are the companies offering bed bug test and extermination services in Broward, but working with us will ensure you are entitled to certain benefits you won’t find anywhere else. Some of these include but are not limited to the following-:

  • The ability to eliminate bed bugs in a matter of hours and not days
  • We offer discreet services, with unmarked tracks and work gears to not raise any curious about the infestation in your home or premises.
  • We offer 90 days guarantee on our testing and extermination services
  • Services available on a 24/7 basis
  • We use modern equipment in testing for infestations
  • Premium services availed at affordable rates
  • Free no-obligation consultation with our experts

Need Help?

Call us today at 954 – 861 – 0666 for affordable and reliable bed bugs test services in Broward. You can also call for a free no-obligation consultation with one of our experts.