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3 Signs that Indicate Mold Is Growing in Your Air Conditioner

  • Post on April 27th, 2021
  • by RocketEditor
  • at Mold Inspections

While this comes as no surprise to most Broward County residents, mold can breed in a number of different places in your home, especially where the air is damp and dark.  Yet many homeowners and their families fail to realize that many mold growth problems can breed within their air conditioning units.  After all, the […]

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The Importance of a Home Inspection on New Construction

  • Post on April 8th, 2021
  • by RocketEditor
  • at Home Inspection

Thus, you’re having a new home built.  Congratulations!  We’re sure years of enjoyment and memories are in store for you and your family.  You’ll enjoy all the comforts you could ever want along with all of the latest energy-saving features.  However, a question arises.  Should you have your new home inspected by a professional? Is […]

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