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Are Mold Inspections really that important?

  • Post on December 20th, 2022
  • by RocketEditor
  • at Mold Inspections

Florida is often considered a paradise for people.  Unfortunately, it is for mold as well.  Because of the state’s humid, tropical climate, mold spores nearly always exist inside and outside most Florida homes.  However, the real problem arises when these begin multiplying and spreading.  Once mold finds a sustainable food source, such as drywall and […]

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5 Red Flags to avoid when hiring a Home Inspector

  • Post on December 10th, 2022
  • by RocketEditor
  • at Home Inspection

One of the more important steps in the home-buying process is a home inspection.  It enables you to assess the condition of a property and identify what needs to be fixed or repaired.  However, the quality of a home inspection performed depends on the person who’s conducting it.  This is why it’s crucial to choose […]

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