3 Situations that Warrant Having a Home Inspection

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Although we could come up with an endless number of reasons to have your home inspected.  Each type of home inspection follows a similar format – to disclose the condition of the electrical system, foundation, plumbing system, roofing, structure, and windows.  Your inspector will also alert you about potential problem areas that must be addressed as soon as possible and those can be taken care of later on.

At the same time, you’ll be notified as to what’s working well.  Keep in mind that a home inspection is not always about issues or problems with the home.  The best inspectors will educate prospective homebuyers on anything and everything pertaining to the home and property that’s being covered in the inspection.  Based on the type of inspection, the information that is revealed will be used differently.  The following is a list of three situations that warrant having an inspection:

Home Maintenance Inspection

Most people tend to overlook some critical details about their homes as they go about their daily routines, especially when it comes to household maintenance.  Besides being the place where you live and raise your family, your home is the largest investment that you’ll make in your lifetime.  But if it isn’t properly maintained, it will wind up in disrepair which in turn will degrade its value.  A home maintenance inspection will point out areas where you could save money by addressing them sooner than later.

Pre-listing Inspection

As a home seller, you can gain some peace of mind by scheduling a property inspection prior to listing your home on the market.  If a prospective buyer is alerted to problems at the last minute, it could lead to delays in the sale or even derail it altogether.  That’s why a pre-listing inspection is the ideal solution to pursue prior to putting your home up for sale.  Furthermore, a pre-listing inspection enables the seller to highlight the benefits of buying their home to prospective buyers.

Pre-purchase Inspection

Most people commonly think of this home inspection when the subject is brought up.  Plus, it is the most popular of the three we’ve listed here.  When you’re shopping the market for a home, this inspection helps you to understand the condition and status of a home’s major components.  This inspection could save you thousands of dollars and stop you from purchasing a potential “money pit.”

Thus, if you need to know whether the house you are buying is structurally safe and a good investment, it helps to get a home inspection done. To learn more about the different types of home inspections, call Florida Inspections Unlimited today at 954-861-0666.

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