DIY vs. Professional Mold Removal

  • Post on February 25th, 2020
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Mold is never thought of as being a good.  Spore reproduction typically shows up on counters, trim work, and walls.  When those spores take flight, they can trigger an allergy attack or a number of other respiratory problems.  Not to mention the fact that mold can ruin the carpet, drywall, and walls in your home.  Mold is going to form; that’s just a part of life in Broward County.  But that doesn’t mean that every patch of it that you find is no justification for panicking about the situation. There are quick remedies and solutions to help you eliminate mold from the building or home.

The following will give you a good idea when you can get rid of the mold as a home DIY project or when you need to call a professional mold remediation service.

Everyday Kinds of Mold

Mold is so prolific here in Florida because it thrives on moisture.  So, whether you live in Broward County or any other area of South Florida, anticipate finding it in your home in areas that get exposed to moisture such as:

  • Along exterior door thresholds
  • Around bathroom and kitchen sinks
  • In bathrooms that are poorly ventilated (around the shower fixtures and on tile grout
  • Near hot water heaters in basements (and around sump pumps as well)

Common DIY Solutions

The first rule of thumb about mold? If it’s visible, it can be eliminated.  Of course, it will take a bit of detergent, water, and elbow grease.  If it’s a more stubborn variety, remove it with a spray-and-wipe solution of 1-part bleach to 9 parts water.  If you don’t have the time to do this on a regular basis, focus on those areas where moisture could promote mold growth.  Run the bathroom fan (or open a window) after you’ve showered or taken a bath.  Dry the sinks and surrounding surfaces thoroughly.  If there’s a basement, dry and clean moisture prone areas on a regular basis. That is one of the reasons that the ventilation is very important.

Problem Mold

If you notice mold growth on structural areas of your home (drywall, studs, subflooring), and the growth area covers 10 square feet or more, this is not something you should attempt to eliminate yourself.  Don’t waste your money on a petri dish kit at the local hardware store.  They can’t identify what type of mold it is.  On a positive note, you can grow your own spores in those petri dish kits.  All kidding aside; call a professional mold inspection service. They have the knowledge and skill to help you get the mold removed from the premise.

For additional information or to schedule a mold inspection, contact Florida Inspections Unlimited at 954-861-0666.

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