How to Prevent Mold from growing in Your Kitchen

  • Post on November 10th, 2022
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Mold loves those wet corners found in the kitchen.  Consequently, you need to be aware of those difficult-to-reach surfaces that mold seems to love.  The tops of your kitchen cabinets, walls, and windows along with other areas that may come into contact with moisture, are all potential breeding grounds for mold and need to be monitored on a regular basis.  If you see a wet patch on the ceiling or wall, keep a track. If there are colored spots or blackish patches, you may have mold.

While mold isn’t 100% preventable, here are 9 ways you can create a mold-resistant kitchen:

  • Check your kitchen’s plumbing on a regular basis – remember, flooding and water leaks favor mold growth.  Performing pipe checks on a regular basis is recommended.  Don’t forget to check the dishwasher as well (if you have one).
  • Clean appliances after every use – any time you use your appliances, mold sees a food source and moisture.  That’s exactly why you should keep them clean, especially blenders, coffee pots, and microwaves.
  • Clean cabinets and all food storage areas – pay close attention to the cabinets and other areas where you store food.  Degreasing your cabinets will help and so will doing regular checks of food storage areas.
  • Clean your kitchen often – mold also loves organic food sources, whether it’s dust and dirt or rotten food.  Areas that are out of sight (e.g. behind the refrigerator or stove) are the most vulnerable where this is concerned.
  • Run the garbage disposal everyday – empty your trash cans as well.  Mold loves both of these and can start growing in them within a few hours.
  • Throw out any spoiled food – two of the ideal breeding grounds for mold are spoiled fruits and vegetables.  Realistically, you should check for this daily and throw out any spoiled foods that you find.
  • Turn on the stove fan when you cook – steam emitted when boiling and cooking can increase humidity levels in the kitchen.  You can control this by turning on your stove’s venting fan while cooking.
  • Wash your dishes everyday – want to watch mold develop in the kitchen sink? Just leave those dirty dishes in there for a few days.  Wooden cutting boards, dishes, and mixing spoons should be cleaned as well.
  • Watch humidity levels – if you live in South Florida, you already know that humidity is a part of everyday life.  Mold and mildew love humid conditions.  Thus, it’s important that you ensure the optimal humidity level for preventing the growth and spread of it.

To learn more about mold prevention or to schedule a mold inspection, call Florida Inspections Unlimited at 954-861-0666 today. Our team of excellent mold inspectors will give a detailed report and suggest ways to eliminate the infestation.

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