If You Don’t Want Mold Problems, Don’t Make These 4 Mistakes

  • Post on March 15th, 2021
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Most Florida homeowners are aware of or have had their battles with mold in the past.  It can be a terrible problem, especially if left undetected for a significant period of time.  Even worse is the fact that mold can pose a serious health threat, especially to individuals with respiratory issues.  What’s unfortunate is that many homeowners could’ve avoided having mold problems if they wouldn’t have made one or more of the following 4 mistakes:

  • Allowing mold to spread – maybe you’ve seen a small patch of mold growing on the caulk between the tiles in your bathroom or kitchen and you thought it would be okay to just casually wipe it off.  Your shower curtain liner is another place that mold loves to grow as well.  While that small amount of mold may not seem like an emergency, it can become one.  Once it starts growing, the growth begins to accelerate and spread quicker.  A good cleaning agent not only removes the visible spores, it will kill the mold.
  • Failure to clean up spills – when standing water is allowed to sink into a surface it creates an ideal breeding environment for mold to grow in.  Not cleaning up spills is one of the more common mistakes that can lead to the growth and spread of mold.  Leaks from appliances or water that splashes out of the shower or tub should be wiped up and dried as soon as possible after they occur. Don’t leave any water puddles in any area of the house.
  • Poor ventilation – if you want to prevent mold from growing in your home, you need to keep your home properly ventilated.  Moisture-generating activities such as bathing and cooking require proper ventilation.  Failing to turn on ventilation fans when cooking or showering is one of the most common mold-causing mistakes.  Mold also results when a ventilation fan vents heat and moisture into a loft or attic instead of venting it outdoors.
  • Unrepaired plumbing leaks – while it may not seem like much of an emergency at the time, you should never ignore even the slightest of plumbing leaks.  Another common mistake that homeowners make is failing to check those areas where plumbing leaks are likely to happen such as under your bathroom or kitchen sinks.  Plumbing leaks are the perfect breeding ground for mold and water damage.  If you are going out for the weekend or a couple of weeks, it helps to ensure that you check all the faucets and showers so that there is no chance of water puddles forming. So, ignoring these issues can be extremely costly in the long run.

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