Chinese Dry Wall Inspection Broward

Buildings constructed with Chinese drywall have always been a source of concern for many residents in Broward. While not all drywall imported from China have corrosive effects, it’s advisable to have your drywall inspected and tested. Florida Inspections Unlimited has years of experiencing performing Chinese dry wall inspection across Broward and other parts of Florida. We understand the intricacies and legislation governing testing and inspection of walls.

What are the Effects of Defective Chinese Drywall?

Defective drywalls from China have been linked to respiratory ailments, headaches, eye irritation, nose bleeding, and among other health conditions. While cases have been reported across the country, it appears parts of Florida are the highly most exposed areas reported. If you occupy buildings constructed from defective Chinese drywall, call us today to ascertain whether you’re safe or exposed to risk.

Signs that Your Chinese Dry Wall is Defective

Below are notable signs associated with defective Chinese drywalls.

  • Strong sulfur gas odor (smells like rotten eggs)
  • Unexplained black corrosion on HVAC coils
  • Blackening of copper materials and metals
  • Unusual headaches, irritations, nosebleeds.

Not sure whether your dry wall is defective or not?

If you suspect that you have defective Chinese drywall, call our office and schedule an inspection.  Our Chinese drywall inspectors can help you determine the specific material used in the building. We perform both visual inspections of your HVAC system plus attic and collect samples for laboratory tests and analysis. Once we test and analyze the samples, we shall provide you with a conclusive report of our findings so that you can take action to remedy the problem.

Need professional help today?

Florida Unlimited Inspection provides fast and reliable Chinese drywall inspections in Broward. We are available for same-day Chinese dry wall inspections as well as weekend visits. Call 954-861-0666 to request a FREE quote.


Our Service areas:

We perform Chinese drywall inspections in Ft Lauderdale, Sunrise, Weston, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Tamarac, Dania Beach, Coral Springs, Deerfield Beach, Southwest Ranches, Davie, Hollywood, Hallandale Beach, Aventura and throughout Broward County.

Call 954-861-0666 for a FREE estimate.

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