What are the Key Elements of a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

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Wind mitigation inspections are conducted by certified, licensed inspectors who’ve been trained in identifying the different factors of a home that decrease or increase its overall level of resistance to high winds.  Inspectors carefully examine and evaluate the exterior and interior of a property and all relevant components of its landscaping.  The idea behind a wind mitigation inspection is to determine how well prepared a property will be in the event that a storm causes serious damage to it.

What does the Inspector focus on?

Before scheduling a wind mitigation inspection, it’s important to familiarize yourself with what the inspector will be looking for.  Here are the 7 key elements they focus on:

  • Closing shutters, hurricane rated doors and windows, impact-resistant glass, steel doors, and other features used to strengthen the openings of the structure
  • Contours, height, and pitch of the roof
  • Framing and reinforcement of the walls and the materials they’re constructed from
  • How the rafters and trusses are attached to the structure
  • Overall condition of the roof and the wind-resistance rating of the roofing materials
  • Secondary water barriers
  • Type of roof deck and whether it’s attached with nails or staples

While there are other elements that a wind mitigation inspector will examine, these are the 7 most important.  There are literally dozens of items that get inspected prior to compiling the inspection report.

Primary Benefits of a Wind Mitigation Inspection

There are a number of distinct benefits of a professional wind mitigation inspection to be aware of.  First and foremost, it tells you how secure your home really is and provides a list of upgrades that could be made in order to prevent damage and make your home safer.  Second, a wind mitigation inspection often entitles property owners to a discount on their homeowner’s insurance premiums.  So, if you make any key upgrades or score high marks on the inspection report, it could save you money. Most of the home insurance companies have discounts available to ensure that more people protect their properties properly and that in turn leads to lower claims from the insurer.

When should You schedule a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

There are several reasons to schedule a wind mitigation inspection, the most important of which include:

  • when you’re considering the purchase of a home
  • when you’re getting homeowner’s insurance and want lower premiums
  • when you’re going to sell your home and plan on listing it soon
  • when you’ve just had a new roof installed or made other improvements to your home

To learn more or to schedule a wind mitigation inspection, call Florida Inspections Unlimited today at 954-861-0666. We will like to be assistance. Call now.

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