What Sellers Should Consider Before Having a Home Inspection

  • Post on June 21st, 2021
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Having a Broward home inspection isn’t something that prospective home buyers tend to neglect or overlook, and for good reason.  Let’s say you’ve listed your home on the market and you have an interested buyer.  However, they’re insisting that a licensed home inspector examines your property.  What will you need to do in order to ensure that the inspection goes as smoothly as possible? Here are some helpful suggestions to consider before calling the home inspector:

  • Stand back and look at your curb appeal – remember that first impressions can be a deal breaker or a deal maker so cut back vegetation, inspect the siding and trim, and repair any missing caulking or trim work.
  • Check the rain gutters and the roof – ensuring these are in proper working order is paramount when selling a home.  Clean the rain gutters and roof, make sure the downspouts are free of obstruction, repair any damage, and replace what’s missing.
  • Prep the interior – once you’ve addressed any exterior issues look at your home’s interior and make whatever repairs are necessary.  Check the hot water heater, check for leaking sinks, and check the smoke detectors.  Test fans, fixtures, and lights as well as doors and locks.
  • Tidy up your property as much as possible – ensure that the inspector will have easy access to all systems on their checklist and make sure that they have clear access to furnaces, HVAC units, utility closets, etc. If there is any debris lying around, it is best to clean it all up before they come.
  • Be sure you’re ready when the inspector arrives – if they tell you they’ll be arriving at 10:00 am, make sure you’re ready for them a half hour before that.  Since they have other homes to inspect on their agenda, they can’t afford any delays.
  • Provide access to all buildings on your property – be sure you provide the home inspector with door codes, garage door openers, and keys so they can inspect any other buildings on your property.
  • Supply all relevant documents – any paperwork regarding remodeling, repairs, and upgrades should be made available to the home inspector.  This will help them when they are creating the inspection report.
  • Leave the premises – since the buyer will likely accompany the home inspector, it may make them uncomfortable if you’re hanging around.  Plan on having something to occupy the time while the inspection is being conducted.

If you follow these suggestions, your home inspection should go smoothly without any complications.  We can be of assistance at every step and if you have any doubts, call now. For more information regarding what to do before a home inspection, contact Florida Inspections Unlimited today at 954-861-0666.

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