When It Comes To Home Inspectors, You Get What You Pay For

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The most common and often the first question that homeowners ask when inquiring about a home inspection is “How much is this going to cost?” Naturally, price is a major concern where this type of service is concerned, but some homeowners think they’re entitled to a discount or try to negotiate a better price.  Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works with home inspections.  However, the reality when it comes the cost of a home inspection is that you definitely get what you pay for. And if you are looking to protect your investment in the new home, it makes sense to hire the best home inspectors so that you are sure about getting the best house.

The Irony of the Situation

Think about this for a minute.  Why would a homeowner spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the ideal property but want to go cheap on a home inspection? When you consider that a home inspector could find a costly defect and prevent them from making a huge mistake, it makes no sense at all.  Of course, this depends on the experience and expertise of that home inspector.  The reality is that this type of service requires the skills of a seasoned professional and not some bargain basement hack. Thus, call on the best in the industry.

It’s all about Cost vs. Experience

If you’re the right kind of real estate professional, you don’t want to put your buyers at risk by settling for a cheap home inspection.  Interestingly enough, all that is required in some states to become a licensed home inspector is a high school education.  There’s no background check, higher education, or training required.  Basically, all they do is study to pass the exam and get a license then start inspecting homes.  Does this sound like the type of home inspector you would want on the job? Absolutely not.

If an agent truly cares about the prospective buyer as well as their reputation and if the prospective buyer doesn’t want to get hung with a money pit, the cost should not be the determining factor when choosing a home inspector.  The home-buying process is stressful enough without the added worry of getting an accurate home inspection.  The inspection report could reveal that you’re buying a number of expensive problems.  But by the same token, it could save you tens of thousands of dollars in repair bills. Just keep in mind that when it comes to home inspections, cheaper is NEVER the better option.  To learn more about home inspections in Broward County or to schedule one at your convenience, contact Florida Inspections Unlimited today at 954-861-0666.

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