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The Home Energy Score has become a matter of concern in the present times when there are sirens all over about global warming and energy efficiency. It is a third party evaluation of a home’s efficiency and can always be included in the MLS description when listing a home for sale.

It is one of the parameters used to gauge how a home is efficient when it comes to energy utilization. At Florida Inspections Unlimited, we have duly certified home energy score assessors who can offer you accurate results each time you need to know your home energy score.

Understanding the Home Energy Score

The home energy score was developed by the Department of Energy. It is calibrated on a scale of 1 – 10, in the same manner as your car’s miles per gallon rating. The scale used is based on geographic location so that the ratings obtained will conform to the home’s energy performance relative to other properties in that region.

If your home has a score of 5, then it means that the home uses the same amount of energy as the average home in that particular location. If the home has a score of 1 – 4, then the home uses more energy than the average home in that location and this is an indication that there may be opportunities to improve the efficiency of the home. If the home has a score of 6 – 10, the implication is that the home uses less energy than the average home in the area and it can be considered relatively energy efficient.

There are millions of homes across the United States with renewable energy systems such as solar electric systems, but when coming up with the score, such renewable energy systems are never taken into consideration by the assessors. Homeowners are encouraged to reveal such information though, since it may be useful for other purposes during the assessment.

Why you should know you home energy score

As a homeowner, a realtor, a mortgage company or a homebuyer, there are several reasons why it pays to know the Home Energy Score. Other than informing you about the efficiency of your home as far as energy consumption is concerned, it is a vital piece of information when you need to access incentives for upgrading the home. For instance, you can use the HES report for mortgage qualification incentives such as the FHA Energy Efficient Mortgage as well as the Fannie Mae types of loans.

If you are looking to sell your home, the Home Energy Score may be the determining factor if you will sell your listing in the MLS faster or not. Studies indicate that home with “Green” energy efficiency certification in the MLS sell faster and for higher money and this could work to your advantage if you are looking to market your home.

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