Radon Gas Testing Broward

Florida Inspections Unlimited is a trusted resource for radon gas testing in Broward County. For years, we have assisted hundreds of residents uncover the presence of radon and take measures to reduce exposure. Whether you are concerned with radon build up or the health risks associated with it, our licensed inspectors can paint an accurate picture of the air quality in your home or premises.

What is Radon?

Radon is an odorless, colorless and radioactive gas that can seep through crevices and cracks in your home without being detected. Radon is produced by the natural breakdown of uranium mostly in the ground. Once it gets its way into your home, it collects in low-lying places and slowly builds up.

Possible entry points for radon in your home

  • Dirt floors
  • Support posts
  • Construction joints
  • Floor drains
  • Window casements
  • Gaps on service pipes
  • Sumps inside walls

Is Radon Harmful?

Yes, prolonged exposure to the radon gas can cause injurious and significant effects on human health.  Radon is highly hazardous and is reported to be the second major cause of cancer in the United States. Some people argue that good ventilation is enough to get rid of radon in the house but it does not rid the threat it has on the occupants of the house. It is advisable to take active measures to enhance home value and reduce exposure to radon.

Why Should I Do Radon Testing?

Radon testing is recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency as a way of identifying the level of exposure to the gas as well as risk level. We encourage homeowners to carryout radon testing in Broward and Miami-Dade County. Florida Inspections Unlimited has licensed and experienced inspectors who can perform professional radon gas testing in your home or business premise.

 Possible Effects of Radon

When radon particles are inhaled, they get trapped in the lungs where they disintegrate and release radiation that damages lung tissues. The radiation causes lung cancer which may lead to death. The risk to contracting cancer from radon depends on radon levels in the house, duration of exposure to the gas, and whether you are a smoker.

How Do We Test for Radon?

Because of its state, radon can only be detected either through passive tests or active tests. Both methods are effective in determining the levels of radon gas in the home as well as the risk levels. During radon testing, we measure the gas levels in different sections of the home.  Our home inspectors also collect air samples and test them over a period of time.

Concerned about Radon Levels in Your Home?

Call us to schedule a proper Radon Gas Testing Broward with our home inspection team. We’re happy to assist you with testing and to advice you accordingly on how to lower the build of radon gas indoors.

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