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The importance of indoor air quality in your home should never be ignored. The presence of organic gases and volatile organic compounds in the indoor air can lead to a myriad of respiratory problems which can spell real doom for the occupants of your home. This is why it is imperative to have regular and reliable indoor air quality testing so that you can rest assured knowing that the air which you and your family members are inhaling is perfectly safe and devoid of any harmful substances.

At Florida Inspections Unlimited, we do Mold Testing, Air Quality Testing and Consulting for homes and commercial properties in Broward County.

Volatile Organic Compounds

When volatile organic compounds are allowed to accumulate in your home, they can lead to a wide variety of health complications. They will not only cause unpleasant odors in the indoor spaces, but also physical symptoms such as irritation of the nose, eyes, and throat may ensue and if these are not treated in good time, they may result into very serious respiratory problems. They can be so severe that they render the entire home unlivable.

But all these can be avoided if you know the importance of carrying out regular indoor air quality testing so that you discover the presence of such substances in good time and when they have not accumulated to dangerous levels. With our indoor air quality testing services, we will help you determine the current levels of VOCs in your living spaces and put in place the necessary measures to ensure that they don’t cause ill effects to you or your family members.

Mold Volatile Organic Compounds

The presence of mold in indoor environments is just as terrifying as the presence of volatile organic compounds and they need to be eliminated as soon as they are noticed. The spreading of mold in indoor environments is through by tiny airborne spores that land on moist surfaces and start to form mold colonies. The colonies can grow to astronomical levels and generate allergens, which in turn can cause various irritations as well as allergic reactions.

Source of Mold in Indoor Environments

There is a plethora of mold within the indoor environment. They include but not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Areas with plumbing leaks
  • Consistently humid areas
  • Indoor plants
  • Wet books, magazine and newspapers or if they are left in the same place for a long time
  • Drain lines and air conditioning units
  • Drip pans and drain lines for fridges

All these can be avoided through air quality testing to identify the presence of mold and put in place the necessary eradication measures to destroy them. We are certified mold inspectors, with the skills and knowledge to test and identify mold.

Need Help?

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