Property Condition Assessment Broward

The main aim of Property Condition Assessment is to determine and report on the physical condition of the building or property and also to give professional recommendations about the potential issues which might arise in the future, including liability and financial risks to the clients.

At Florida Inspections Unlimited, we specialize in offering accurate and unparalleled PCA services for various kinds of properties and buildings within the state of Florida. We major in investigating the electrical, structural, HVAC, and plumbing components of the property. We also consider other major changes such as site improvements, the status of completion, conformance to the general codes, and the nature of defects as well as depreciation in the property.

Additionally, our team of Property Condition Assessment experts will interview the site personnel, walk through the building and conduct surveys to take note of all the physical conditions of the building system and all the accompanying components.

Actual Assessments conducted

We have the expertise to offer a wide variety of Property Condition Assessment, including but not limited to the following-:

Site and Grounds – this is to assess the current condition of the pavements, curbs, landscaping, walks, loading docks, site drainage, signage, fencing, railing, and other exterior amenities.

Building Envelope – This encompasses the stairs and the steps, exterior doors and windows, the exterior finishes and the entire roofing system.

Mechanical Systems – this targets the HVAC system, electrical, plumbing, and conveyance system.

Structural Systems – the aim of this assessment is to check the foundations as well as the structural framings of the walls, immediate floors, the roof and the supporting columns.

Interior Building Components – we assess the interior finishes in the tenant areas as well as the common areas.

Compliance with the Necessary Regulations – regulatory compliance is also very important and we assess compliance of the fire suppression systems, life safety, and compliance to the Americans with Disability Act.

Property Condition Report

Once we are done with the physical property assessment, our consultants will prepare and supply the client with a Property Condition Report. This report will give an outline of all the systems and components as well as any deficiencies or deferred maintenances that were noticed during the assessment. Based on the current industry standards, we will come up with a list of immediate repairs, including their costs.

Why work with us

When you trust us with your property condition assessment needs, you will benefit in the following ways:

  • You will get very reliable recommendations, because we have completed thousands of PCAs in the past
  • Technically accurate reports generated through a strict process of quality control
  • Detailed reporting and budgeting to give you the power to make confident business decisions
  • Access to competent professionals with a thorough understanding of the building life cycle. These include experienced structural engineers, green building professionals, building enclosure designers, concrete restoration experts and corrosion experts.

Contact us today

Our strong knowledge in property inspection and property condition assessment is what you need if you want to get the true state of your property. Take advantage of our expertise and experience in this field to have a solid report that will help you make the right decision. Call us at 954-861-0666 for more information.

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