7 Mistakes that will Cause Mold Growth

  • Post on August 7th, 2021
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Mold is a fungus that plays a significant role in nature by helping to decompose organic matter.  Despite its benefits for the outside world, it’s a terrible problem to encounter if you’re a homeowner.  Mold and water work in conjunction with one another and can be extremely costly to remediate.  In addition to the damage that mold can cause, another consequence of mold growth is the threat it poses to a person’s health, especially those individuals who have asthma or other respiratory issues.

If you don’t want the misery of having mold in your home and being constantly exposed to it, don’t make these 7 common mistakes:

  • High indoor humidity – with Florida’s high humidity during the summer, it’s no wonder that mold is a common problem shared by homeowners.  When the humidity climbs above 50%, you’re likely to experience mold growth.  Placing a dehumidifier in your basement or other damp spaces in the home can help.
  • Neglecting plumbing leaks – if you are aware of even the slightest plumbing leak, don’t neglect it until it turns into an emergency.  Ignoring it can lead to mold growth and water damage to your home. Repairs can run into thousands of dollars.
  • Overwatering your houseplants – overwatering your plants is just as bad as not watering them enough.  Soggy soil is a breeding ground for mold.
  • Poor ventilation – if you want to prevent mold from growing, proper ventilation is the key.  Activities that cause moisture, such as bathing and cooking, need good ventilation.  One of the common mistakes is not turning on the ventilation fan in the bathroom when showering or over the stove when cooking. Mold breeds of wet spots very quickly and that is why drying it all is important.
  • Stacking cardboard boxes in the basement or garage – when cardboard gets damp, it becomes an ideal growth environment for mold.  Fix any leaks to waterproof your storage areas.  A few pans of cat litter will help to reduce airborne moisture as well.
  • Storing freshly cut firewood indoors – firewood releases moisture as it ages.  Storing freshly cut firewood away from the house in an outdoor covered area is best.  Once firewood has seasoned for about 6 months, it’s safe to bring it inside.
  • Throwing wet clothes on your floors – leaving damp bath mats, clothing, swimsuits, and towels lying on the floor is conducive to mold growth.  These items should be hung up and/or spread out to dry before throwing them in the laundry.

Although we are here to assist you with mold remediation services, it does help to learn more about how to prevent mold from growing inside your home. For more information, call Florida Inspections Unlimited today at 954-861-0666.

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