Can You Fix Mold by Painting Over It?

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Unfortunately, painting over a mold is only a band aid that serves as a short-term solution for hiding it.  The reality is that paint will not kill mold; it only hides it temporarily.  No matter how many layers of paint you apply, that mold will keep growing and spread throughout your home and eventually cause costly, irreparable damage.  When there’s a problem with moisture in your home, mold is the telltale sign.  So rather than try to hide it under 2 or 3 layers of paint, you have to remediate it.

What results when You Paint over Mold?

When you make the decision to paint over mold instead of having it remediated, you’re putting your health and the health of everyone in your family at risk.  Painting over mold won’t kill it nor will it stop it from growing and spreading.  All it will do is compound the problem.  According to the CDC mold can cause:

  • coughing
  • eye irritation
  • nasal stuffiness
  • severe reactions in individuals who have compromised immune systems
  • skin irritation
  • throat irritation
  • wheezing

Keep in mind two things when you’re thinking about painting over mold.  First, it won’t kill it and second, mold-resistant paint will only work proactively, not reactively.  In other words, you use mold-resistant paint to prevent the growth of it, not to cover it and kill it.  When you paint over mold, it will cause the paint to bubble, chip, or crack.  In the long run, this will be more costly to repair than it would have to have the mold remediated. Thus, if the experts point put areas that have mold, hasten and call in the mold remediation experts.

Avoid costly Repair Expense and potential Legal Trouble

Painting over mold is not going to fix the problem.  It only hides it and it will only lead to costly repairs in the future.  It’s going to keep growing and spreading until eventually, it will start showing on the walls again.  However, by the time that occurs, the damage will be even worse than before and will result in needing costly professional removal and repairs to the additional damage.

In addition to that, you’re flirting with potential legal headaches when you paint over mold.  For example, if you rent out your home or sell it without making the buyer or renter aware of the problem, you could be sued on the grounds of endangering their health.  Leaving mold untreated will result in further growth and pose a health threat to those individuals exposed to it.

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