Home Inspections show when a Home is a good Investment

  • Post on November 20th, 2022
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Have you decided to sell your home? This can be a difficult and lengthy process if you haven’t prepared yourself for it.  You need every marketing advantage available to you in order to have the best home selling experience possible.  The best way to prove that your home will be a good investment to prospective buyers is by having a professional home inspection prior to listing it on the market.

At Florida Inspections Unlimited, we will thoroughly inspect your property and provide a detailed report complete with photos within 24 to 48 hours after completing the job.  This will give you the time required to make improvements and repairs before listing it.  Furthermore, a home inspection will help to justify the sale price and will help you avoid any last-minute condition or price re-negotiations.  Plus, it may convince prospective buyers to waive their own inspection, thereby speeding up the selling process.

Advertising that your home has undergone a pre-listing inspection will help to attract more buyers as well.  You not only will get a better price but you can always get the repairs done as per the reports. There are 6 benefits of a Florida Inspections Unlimited pre-listing home inspection:

  • It will draw more attention to your home’s positive aspects and features.
  • It will enable you to establish a more accurate selling price.
  • It will help you attract serious, qualified buyers.
  • It will help you determine what improvements, repairs, and upgrades need to be done before listing your home.
  • It will result in fewer negotiation issues.
  • It’s the best way for you to understand the condition of your home.

We can assist you as well as other family members and friends with all their commercial and residential inspection needs, whether they are buying or selling these properties.  We have some of the best inspectors in the state and each of them is licensed, certified, insured with years of experience. Our trained professionals have been skillfully trained in the following areas:

  • 40-year building re-certifications
  • 4-point inspections
  • Chinese drywall inspections
  • commercial property inspections
  • home inspections
  • mold inspections
  • radon gas testing
  • roof inspections
  • wind mitigation inspections

Why should You choose Florida Inspections Unlimited?

While there are literally dozens of home inspection companies in South Florida, few offer what we provide our clients.  For example, our state licensed inspectors have been doing home inspections since 2008.  We also offer emergency and weekend property inspections as well as property background checks.  Our inspectors do professional and timely work including easy-to-read inspection reports with digital pictures. Whether it’s commercial or residential property inspections, or environmental and insurance inspections, Florida Inspections Unlimited has you covered.  Call us today at 954-861-0666.

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