How Mold Can Adversely Affect Your Home’s Value

  • Post on November 15th, 2021
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From the overall condition to the floor plan and location, numerous factors determine a home’s value.  One such aspect that often goes overlooked is the presence of mold.  Mold can hurt the value of a home and ultimately, the selling price.  Even the slightest amount of mold can discourage prospective buyers and give them the impression that the house isn’t clean.

Furthermore, if they suspect that there’s more that isn’t visible to the naked eye, they’ll most likely worry about the potential health threats as well.  In some areas, the seller is required to disclose any mold problems to the prospective buyer.  The laws often vary from one county to the next, so be sure to find out if this applies in your area.  In most cases, you can check with a real estate lawyer or realtor about this.

So if you have a mold problem in the property you are attempting to sell, should you remediate it or not? If the problem is widespread, as it can be in some Broward homes, the cost of remediation can be significant.  However, this pales in comparison to the beating you could take on your asking price.  Smart real estate agents and brokers will let the home seller know that:

  • a mold issue will scare away prospective buyers
  • you’ll most likely have to accept a much lower offer

Thus, if you’re still wondering whether or not to remediate, the answer is an emphatic YES!

Granted, professional remediation is probably the smart choice when you’re dealing with a large mold infestation.  However, in smaller cases, it’s possible to correct the problem yourself.  Be sure that you examine those areas that are prone to mold growth when preparing to list your home on the market.  These areas include:

  • attics
  • basements
  • crawl spaces
  • under sinks

Even though this is DIY mold remediation, it’s best to talk with an expert about the best methods for thoroughly removing mold. Though you may try to remove mold but if the infestation is high, you really cannot do it alone. You need the assistance of professionals and their equipment and methods.

Although removing mold before listing your home is the right thing to do, you also need to address the conditions that are conducive to its growth, namely poor ventilation and water issues.  Yes, it will cost to correct any existing ventilation or water issues.  But you’ll have a clear conscience – and no legal liability – if you take care of this before putting your home up for sale.

For more information or to schedule a professional mold inspection, contact Florida Inspections Unlimited at 954-861-0666 today.

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