How Quickly Does Mold Grow in Your Home?

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Whether it’s caused by a burst pipe, flooding, or a leaky roof, excess build-up of water in your home can cause some very costly problems.  It can compromise the structural integrity of your home, destroy appliances and electronics, and ruin many household items such as carpeting, clothing, and furniture.  As if this type of damage weren’t enough, mold can start growing quickly in the aftermath, thereby increasing the amount of damage and resulting in a longer, more difficult, and costlier restoration process.

All it takes is the right Foods and Water

Even when the amount of water in your home is somewhat limited and there’s only minor damage to contend with, you could still experience a mold problem.  The bottom line is that any amount of moisture, no matter how large or small, can cause mold to grow in your home.  Mold spores can easily be found anywhere in the environment.  So, it can start developing and growing when its primary “organic foods” and moisture or water are present. Thus, to stop any sign of mold, you need to be sure that there are no wet patches or leaks within the roof or other areas.

What does Mold feed on?

There are a number of organic foods in the home for mold to feed on including drywall, insulation, paint, and other products.  Add a little moisture to these materials and Voila!  You’ve got mold growing before you realize it.  And it really doesn’t require any water.  High humidity is often enough to create the proper conditions that are conducive to mold growth.  After that, it’s only a matter of a couple of days before mold starts to grow and damage your home. Thus, look out for signs such as streaks of green or black on the walls or ceiling.

How soon does Mold start growing?

The right level of humidity and an optimal temperature are the ideal conditions that promote mold growth.  Usually, we see mold start to germinate and growth within 24 to 48 hours.  Within 3 to 12 days, the spores will begin colonizing and within 18 to 21 days, the mold will be visible.  So, to say the least, it can grow relatively fast.  The growth time will vary based on the type of mold and often depends on the conditions within your home.  This includes:

  • ambient temperature
  • amount of moisture
  • type of household materials and surfaces in the area affected

Needless to say, the more time that passes, the greater the chances of mold developing and spreading throughout other areas in the home.  To learn more about mold and mold growth or to schedule a mold inspection of your home, contact Florida Inspections Unlimited at 954-861-0666 at your earliest convenience.

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