The Importance of a Home Inspection on New Construction

  • Post on April 8th, 2021
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Thus, you’re having a new home built.  Congratulations!  We’re sure years of enjoyment and memories are in store for you and your family.  You’ll enjoy all the comforts you could ever want along with all of the latest energy-saving features.  However, a question arises.  Should you have your new home inspected by a professional? Is it necessary? The answer is “YES!”  Getting a professional home inspection is always a good idea, even if it’s a newly built home in Broward County.

You’re probably wondering why when a new home should be perfect and not have any flaws, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.  There maybe issues with the plumbing, termites or even mold. All of this can be repaired and mold remediation can be done. However, the main aspect is that home inspection needs to be done professionally.

Here are two key reasons to get a home inspected, even when it’s brand new:

It’s possible that the contractor only built the home up to minimum standards – Broward County building inspectors have to ensure that a new home, like any other home, is up to code before they can sign off on it.  However, they’re only going to make sure that it meets the minimum building standards required.  It’s important to understand that these building inspectors don’t work for you – they work for Broward County.

So as long as the home appears to be in “okay” shape and doesn’t violate in any of the county’s building codes, they’ll most likely sign off on it.  They’re not going to check the crawl spaces for water leaks, examine the drywall to ensure it’s been installed properly, or inspect the ventilation system in the attic.  For a thorough examination of a new home’s systems, you need a professional home inspection performed. It is best to schedule an appointment with the

There may be issues that indicate shoddy or substandard workmanship – just because your home is newly constructed, it doesn’t mean the building contractor was reputable and built your home with the highest quality standards and workmanship in mind.  There could be serious issues with the chimney or the plumbing.  Maybe the roof was installed improperly.  The point is, you won’t know unless you have a professional home inspection.

A newly constructed home may be the largest investment a couple, family, or individual makes in their lifetime.  Thus, it makes perfect sense to have it inspected before moving in.  Shoddy construction is always a key concern when you consider how many contractors and sub-contractors are involved in building new homes today.  The only way to ensure that your new home doesn’t have potentially costly problems is to contact Florida Inspections Unlimited at 954-861-0666 and schedule a home inspection today.

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