The importance of hiring a Certified Home Inspector

  • Post on January 10th, 2023
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Most home inspections typically occur prior to the sale of a home.  Unfortunately, not every homeowner has the knowledge or skills to identify problems with their home.  This is why hiring a certified home inspector plays are so important.  It works for both the seller and the buyer. If the report is extremely positive, the seller can increase the price while the buyer always knows after seeing the report whether to invest in the house or not. Furthermore, professional home inspections aren’t just for homes that are listed on the market.  Here’s 4 reasons to consider scheduling a home inspection, whether your home is for sale or not.

  • Certified home inspectors have a skillfully trained eye – certain defects can be easy to spot such as a leaky pipe under the bathroom or kitchen sink, or a roof that’s missing a few shingles.  However, most homeowners don’t have the skills and training to spot problems that are less obvious.  Certified home inspectors have undergone extensive training and have learned about the different home systems located within and outside of the structure.  When you hire a home inspector, you’re investing in their expertise.
  • Home inspections help homeowners prioritize improvements and repairs – if you’re planning on making improvements or repairs, a professional home inspection will help you develop a realistic budget.  That way, you won’t be wasting any money on decorative or superficial projects while overlooking a costlier system that needs your immediate attention.  Remember, every home improvement project or renovation starts with a good foundation.
  • Homeowners tend to grow accustomed to problems over time – does the GFCI outlet in your laundry closet for no apparent reason? Do certain lights in your home always flicker during a storm? Have you gotten used to living with issues like these because they’ve occurred slowly over time? A home inspector examines a home with a fresh pair of eyes.  There’s a good possibility a home inspection will reveal a number of defects that you’ve been living with for years.
  • Some defects and problems exist where homeowners never look for them – in some cases, defects or problems happen in areas of the home where you may not notice them.  This is especially true where attics and basements are concerned, although they can also occur in plain sight.  A certified home inspector will go through your home from bottom to top, inside and out methodically.  They’ll fill out a report with photos and test certain systems as they proceed.

You probably visit your dentist and doctor on a regular basis, so why not consider a home inspection as a regular check-up for your property? To learn more about the importance of hiring a certified home inspector, call Florida Inspections Unlimited today at 954-861-0666.

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