The Problem with Black Mold and How to Contend with It

  • Post on April 7th, 2020
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Most Broward County residents may or may not be aware of a black mold problem in their homes.  While many believe that it’s a toxic substance, it’s actually its spores that make it dangerous.  In this part of Florida, it is the black and greenish-grey varieties that have become so common and prevalent.  As a homeowner or potential home buyer, you should schedule a professional mold inspection to confirm your suspicions and remove all doubt about the issue.

What Black Mold is and How to Identify It?

The average homeowner or home buyer usually can’t identify black mold with the naked eye.  Even the most skilled specialists cannot do this.  The identification of black mold requires professional testing to determine the type of mold growing in a commercial or residential property.  Furthermore, finding only one variety is extremely rare.  This is why mold inspection services are so important.  Inspecting and testing a home for the existence of mold will help to determine what type is growing and the source of it.

As the name implies, black mold is a type of mold that ranges from black to greenish-grey in color.  It’s a toxic substance that releases spores into the air and is therefore easy to inhale without any knowledge of it.  Black mold can cause a range of health problems for individuals who are prone to respiratory problems, severe allergic reactions, and skin irritations.  This neurotoxin not only affects you and your loved ones, it can adversely affect your pets as well.  Long-term exposure has often proved fatal. That is why it is important that you get it all removed and the area stripped and repaired at the earliest.

Getting rid of It

However, there is good news.  Despite the humid and warm Florida climate, black mold can be eradicated.  The first step is to have a mold inspection service come out and identify it as well as help you find the spots within your home where it seems to be growing and feeding off the humidity and warm temperatures.  By working with a mold inspection service specialist, you can alleviate a black mold problem through inspecting and testing for it. However, ensure that you work with a company that is licensed, insured and bonded.

Once the problem has been eradicated, post-remediation services are recommended.  A post-remediation clearance test or verification survey includes a moisture assessment along with a visual inspection of the materials used in the construction of the home that were part of the remediation.  For additional information or to schedule a professional mold inspection, contact Florida Inspections Unlimited at 954-861-0666 today. Call us today!

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