Tips on Limiting Mold Exposure

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There are truisms regarding mold that can never be contradicted – 1) you can’t prevent the spores from entering your home and 2) deprive the fungus of the food it needs to survive.  Mold spores are everywhere outdoors and can easily enter your home through air ducts, open doors, vents, and windows.  They can even enter the home by attaching themselves to bags, clothing and shoes.

Furthermore, mold feeds on organic materials including carpet, cotton, fabrics, furniture, insulation, leather, paint, paper, plasterboard, and wood.  It will even feed on dust (and some homes have plenty of that to offer).  Thus, the only option you have is to ensure that the ambient conditions within your home are not conducive to mold growth. Regular checks ensure that if there is any mold infestation starting, it is eliminated.

Facts about Mold

Part of mold’s metabolic process involves dispersing its spores into the air.  Gravity takes over causes the spores to settle on the ground and different surfaces within your home.  We often see the effects of this in areas that are situated adjacent to source.  For instance, if mold is growing in a bathroom, the bedroom that is attached or on the other side of the way from the bathroom may have spores that have settled and caused elevated mold levels in that space.

Unfortunately, mold spores can survive for an unlimited period of time and can attach themselves to dirt and dust.  As mold inspectors, we need homeowners to realize that cluttered areas and a lack of basic cleaning create reservoirs that serve as a gathering place for dirt and dust.  This creates an ideal location for the harboring of spores.

What Areas should You maintain in order to Limit the Exposure to Dirt and Dust?

There are 10 areas in your home that warrant your attention and should be cleaned in order to limit the accumulation of dirt and dust.  These are:

  • A/C vents
  • The cavity the dishwasher fits in
  • The chimney and roof (inspect and make repairs where necessary)
  • Cluttered areas
  • Greenery
  • Grill beneath the fridge
  • Have carpeting and upholstery professionally cleaned 1 to 2 times annually
  • Keep kitchen areas behind the stove, trash cans, windows, and window sills as well as wooden cutting boards clean
  • Use a slatted bed frame to keep mold from growing on your mattress
  • Use exhaust fans to remove steam from bathrooms

If you’re unable to find the moisture problem or you aren’t sure about correcting the problem, contact Florida Inspections Unlimited at 954-861-0666 and schedule an inspection as soon as possible. Our business representatives are available to assist you with any concerns or queries that you may have. Call us now!

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