Why Is a Post-Remediation Mold Inspection Necessary?

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One of the more common questions asked by homeowners is “Why do I need a mold inspection after mold remediation?” The primary reason is to confirm that the mold remediation contractor has done their job properly and successfully.  Another reason is because it helps to identify those areas that were missed and still need remediation in order to prevent the remaining mold from spreading. You are aware of the repercussions of contaminated indoor air and the related ill-effects of mold on the respiratory allergies.

Homeowners should have the utmost confidence in the mold remediation service that they’re paying for and for good reason.  Keep in mind that mold can be elusive and live undetected in the walls of your home as well as other areas such as crawl spaces and ducts.  It’s not uncommon for some mold areas to get missed or overlooked during the remediation process, even by the most experienced professionals.

It’s all about the Homeowner’s Peace of Mind

A post-remediation mold inspection ensures that air within your home will not have microscopic spores floating around and getting inhaled by you and your family.  The report that the inspector provides will satisfy all disclosure requirements for the home buyer as well.  Plus, it will prove that you have done your due diligence and resolved the issue should you need to respond to a complaint or legal action.  Consequently, a post-remediation inspection provides the peace of mind you deserve. You and your family deserve clean air and mold-free environs.

What does a Post-Remediation Mold Inspection entail?

A post-remediation mold inspection may also be referred to as a “clearance test” or “verification survey.”  An air quality test, moisture assessment, and visual inspection are performed within 48 hours, but no sooner than 24 hours, after remediation has been completed.  It’s important that all doors and windows remain closed during the interim.  A visual inspection is conducted to confirm that no non-structural or water damaged materials are left behind and that no mold remains.

The inspection crew uses infrared cameras and moisture meters to detect the presence of moisture in difficult to reach and see areas.  Plus, photos are taken to document the findings or results of the post-remediation mold inspection.  Air quality testing is done to determine if any airborne spores are present by using the outside air as a control.  If all goes well, the mold inspector “clears” or “passes” the job and issues a report to all of the parties involved.

We have years of experience in helping businesses and homeowners to stay mold-free and can assist you with your requirements. To learn more about post-remediation mold inspections or to schedule an initial mold inspection at your convenience, call Florida Inspections Unlimited at 954-861-0666.

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