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The Future of the Post-Pandemic Home Inspection

  • Post on December 30th, 2021
  • by RocketEditor
  • at Home Inspection

The housing market has seen its ups and downs since the advent of COVID-19.  For a moment, in the beginning, it appeared that the real estate market would hit a brick wall.  However, with the decrease of mortgage rates to record lows, those worries were quickly put to bed.  With the exception of a few […]

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How Much Time is Required for the Mold Remediation Process?

  • Post on December 17th, 2021
  • by RocketEditor
  • at Mold Inspections

As mold begins growing in the home, the spores find their way into your indoor air supply where you inhale them into your lungs.  While it is impossible to prevent all mold spores from becoming airborne within your home, a hazardous amount of growth can pose a serious threat to your health and well-being.  For […]

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